The digital world has fundamentally transformed our daily lives, from how we communicate to the ways we manage our finances. In this era of digital transformation, security and authentication are of paramount importance in safeguarding our identity and transactions. This is where Blindata comes into play, a company that has pioneered solutions in the field of biometric recognition of the beneficial owner and not only of a device.

Blindata’s biometric recognition, known as the Swiss BioSIC patent, is revolutionizing user identification and authentication in accordance with the rigorous Swiss regulations set by FINMA. This innovative technology not only enables reliable and secure identification for a full KYC of the BO, but also creates a seamless user experience that is both convenient and highly dependable in SCA (Strong Customer Authentication)


Implement BioSIC for a friction less onboarding of your customers

The Swiss Patent BioSIC and the Swiss Mobile Banking Desk.

The strongest proceed of a BIOMETRIC identification and authentication of the beneficial owner required for all electronic transactions according to latest Swiss law ¨FINMA¨ (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority)

World wide check by technical consultants of the judge at the court of Turin that guarantee the patent as an invention, new and not evident on 22.10.2020

You will have the highest level of security with the best customer experience to identify customers for every performed transaction in the digital world

Our cutting-edge technology, backed by our patented BioSIC biometric digital identification system, ensures your financial transactions are faster, saf er, and more convenient than ever before